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A Typical Week at the AOP Summer Camp!

This year, as is every year, was a great success!  Each day started with Study time for reading and writing, and we also had arts and crafts, pool time, and sports.  Read on for more of our highlights: 


Day One: Straight off the bus, and ONTO THE BOATS!  Located on the Hudson River, this farm provided many of the children an experience of a lifetime in a rowboat with their counselor at the helm.  Surrounded by nature, the boat trip really helped set an upbeat tone for the rest of the week!  

Day Two: This was our first chance to get the campers up on the horses.  For some of the returning children, this was not their first time, but for our new campers, this was very exciting!  Taking us on a nature trail around the valley, these horse trails really help the children get in touch with nature (and their horses!)  

Day Three: Tonight is the BONFIRE!  On the shore of the Hudson, we enjoyed a night of signing traditional songs with Cowboy Ernie around an authentic bonfire set up by the Farm.

Day Four: Time to sit down for a presentation about better nutrition from a professional chef.  Get to taste some healthy alternative snacks while learning about the benefits of eating right and staying active!    

Day Five: As our trip is coming to a close, we go on a nature walk.  As we come to the forks in the trail, we ask the children to tell us which fork they want to take: college? Get a good education?  Have goals?  OR party?  Give up on ourselves?  Drugs or alcohol?  Thankfully, most of them already have goals, want to get a good education, and are looking to college.

Day Six:  Home to share their camp experiences with family and friends!  

Anthony of Padua Gifts for Children, Inc. (AOP) is a not for profit, non-denominational organization established in 1986.