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Serving Under-privileged Inner-City Children  

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Artistic & Athletic Abilities   

Another AOP focus is being active!     

Whether a child is artistic or athletic is not as important as it is to always at least try!  One of AOP’s main focus for the children is the importance of trying new things.  While at the farm, we provide a structured schedule that alternates Sports and Art.

Not only do the children get a chance to experience the wide open fields of green grass and fresh air horse back riding or while feeding the animals, but they also get to participate in team sport activities.  Wiffleball, soccer, basketball, and tag are always farm favorites.  In addition to time playing together in teams, the children also get a chance to have traditional play time on the swing sets and jungle gyms.  

For the artists in the group, we also have a chance to get our hands dirty.  From kites, to tie dying shirts, to painting and coloring, the kids really get a chance to explore their artistic abilities.   More importantly, the children create gifts for their loved ones to share the memories from their farm experience.



 ^Pool time!

^Field games


Anthony of Padua Gifts for Children, Inc. (AOP) is a not for profit, non-denominational organization established in 1986.