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Serving Under-privileged Inner-City Children  

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"These first hand experiences will most certainly enhance their knowledge base and will allow them to write about their experiences in a meaningful and personal way.  They return to school in September as happy and relaxed children full of wonderful memories eager to do well in school so that they can attend the summer program again."

- Carmen Donahue, Guidance Counselor of PS. 124

The letter above was written from the heart by one of our happy campers... which nothing makes us happier than knowing what we do means so much!



The following additional quotes are directly from the children.  At the end of each week at the farm, the children as asked to write a thank you letter to their sponsor.  Not only are these honest, heartfelt comments, but they are also testaments to all of the hard work and dedication that AOP has to these children and their well being.


"They treated us with respect."


                                                         "What I like most was the silent and restful nights"


"They made us feel like part of the family"


                                                            "I want to go back next year!"


Above is a picture of the note left on the chalkboard by the children for one of the counselors... so touching!

Anthony of Padua Gifts for Children, Inc. (AOP) is a not for profit, non-denominational organization established in 1986.