Anthony of Padua- Gifts for Children, Inc.

Serving Under-privileged Inner-City Children  

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Educational Activities

AOP reinforces the importance of education. 

While at the farm, we provide a structured schedule including Study Time after breakfast every morning.  We cover all the major topics of reading, writing, and arithmetic’s, while at the same time, teaching the kids that learning truly can be fun! Math time includes various activities such as workbooks with mathematical puzzles, math based educational board games, and group games.  One of the AOP favorites is the “Not so Silent Auction.”  This allows the children to take their $100 AOP dollars to choose prizes from the Treasure Chest.  They need to be careful and save their money, or decide if they want to spend it all on that one perfect toy!   


After math, we transition to reading, allowing each child to choose a book at the beginning of the week.  Each child gets a chance to read one-on-one with their counselor.  This is a great way to get to know the children and to start to understand their learning abilities on a very personal level. The last day at the farm, each child is asked to write a letter to their sponsor, thanking them for the opportunity to join AOP at the farm.  Using the confidence they had been building throughout the week with their counselors, the children use this letter as a way to capture in words the fun that they’ve had during the week.  This is truly the highlight of the week for the counselors, getting a chance to see how important all of the time volunteered really means to the children. 

Below are some of our campers choosing and reading their study time books donated by volunteers or purchased from, a non-profit organization with a focus on reading which provides quality books for like minded non-profits.


Anthony of Padua Gifts for Children, Inc. (AOP) is a not for profit, non-denominational organization established in 1986.